Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (BSB40920)

What is this qualification about?

The Certificate IV in Project Management Practice is designed to develop project management skills and knowledge. It is suitable for project practitioners who are working in a project support role under the direction of a project manager or as part of a smaller self-directed team. What you will learn will provide an ideal opportunity for contracts officers, project administrators, quality officers and small business owners to use project management tools and methodologies to support the business activities of their own small ventures or of a business unit in a larger organisation.

What will you learn?
The qualification is designed to provide you with an intensive, action-oriented, interactive learning experience. You will identify a project (real or imagined) with a designated mentor or project manager before classes commence. The focus is on real-world application of knowledge and skills, and you will apply project management techniques and tools during the life cycle of the project that you identified.

This course is intended to provide participants with the range of knowledge and skills to perform the functions associated with contributing to the project management deliverables of scope, time, quality, cost, human resources, information / communications, risk and procurement management. You will apply these deliverables to each phase of your own real life project.

The learning experience
The broad range of skills that you will acquire will enable you to effectively apply project management skills in a wide variety of contexts. The knowledge and diversity of skills acquired will result in a more successful project outcome. You will have the satisfaction of contributing to all aspects of the project life cycle.

The qualification consists of the following units:  
There are nine units to study to obtain the Certificate IV in Project Management Practice. These unit topics are designed to enhance or develop skills for those who are already part of a project team and who support wider project operations.

BSBPMG420 - Apply project scope management techniques  
You will learn how to contribute to controlling the scope of a project. This will be done by assisting in identifying the project objectives; deliverables; constraints; assumptions and outcomes. Once the project has commenced, you will then apply the required controls. 
BSBPMG425 - Apply project information management and communications techniques 
Project information management and communication provides an essential link between people, ideas and information at all stages in the project life cycle. In this unit of competency you will learn how to contribute towards developing communication plans; actually communicate information related to the project and to review the effectiveness of communications.
BSBPMG421 - Apply project time management techniques 
This unit of competency will provide you with the skills and knowledge to assist with project scheduling activities; ensure that the project is rolling out according to the agreed project schedule and to evaluate the effectiveness of time management for the project.
BSBPMG426 - Apply project risk management techniques 
You will learn essential risk management techniques. All projects are subject to risk and this unit of competency will teach you how to plan for, control and review the risks associated with the project. 
BSBPMG422 - Apply project quality management techniques 
You will learn how to contribute towards ensuring that project outcomes are consistent with project quality requirements. To do this you will acquire the skills and knowledge to undertake quality planning; apply quality policies and procedures and contribute to continuous improvement in a project.
BSBPMG427 - Apply project procurement procedures 
Procurement in a project environment involves identifying procurement requirements selecting suitable suppliers; conducting procurement activities and conducting procurement finalisation activities. You will acquire the skills and knowledge required to assist with procurement for a project.
BSBPMG423 - Apply project cost management techniques 
Managing the costs in a budget requires a project budget to be produced and project expenditure to be monitored. You will acquire the skills to assist in these processes and to contribute to the essential cost finalisation processes.
BSBPMG424 - Apply project human resources management approaches 
You will learn how to contribute to the management of all aspects of project human resources. This unit of competency will give you the skills to determine human resource requirements of the project and to identify and develop a strategy to meet the learning and development needs of the project team. You will also gain vital conflict management skills to enable you to resolve conflict in the team.
BSBPMG428 - Apply project life cycle management techniques 
You will learn how to assist in managing the project throughout the entire life cycle. You will acquire the skills and knowledge to contribute towards establishing the project; planning and designing the project processes; controlling and executing and eventually finalising the project.


Assessment occurs in a simulated project environment and consists of assignments, projects and presentations. If you are employed, assessment can occur in the workplace. 

Delivery format
The qualification can be delivered in a variety of formats including face-to-face over an extended period, in an intensive mode, online, or a blend of face-to-face and online.

Our trainers have the relevant technical knowledge, skills, and experience as well as the communication abilities to deliver the course content in an interesting way. Our trainers (and assessors) have the requisite training and assessment qualification and vocational qualifications and experience. This is in compliance with Industry requirements for the qualification .

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