Diploma of Project Management (BSB50820)

What is this qualification about?
Project management is one of the most popular areas of study. Project management skills are relevant to all industry sectors. Developing an advanced understanding of project management, as well as completing a formal qualification can facilitate senior project management career opportunities. Opportunities can include positions such as project leader, project management facilitator, and project or program administrator. 

What will you learn?
The Diploma in Project Management provides students who already possess practical and theoretical knowledge of project management with a range of specialized, technical, and managerial competencies. These competencies will assist with the ability to plan, execute, and evaluate your own work and the work of a team. You will complete the course with an advanced understanding of project management principles and processes crucial to developing successful projects on time and within budget. 

The learning experience
The course is action oriented and hands on. You will obtain an advanced understanding of project management and how it should be applied in particular situations. Using knowledge and skills gained during the course you will undertake real-life project based activities. This will result in the development of practically oriented project management plans.

The qualification consists of the following units: 
There are twelve units (8 core and 4 electives) to study to obtain the Diploma of Project Management. These units provide the skills and knowledge needed to work as a program consultant or coordinator. 

BSBPMG530 - Manage project scope
You will learn how to manage project outcomes, obtain project authorisation and develop a scope management plan. You will also learn how to manage the application of project scope controls.
BSBPMG531 - Manage project time
In this unit you will learn how to manage time within projects, determine and implement the project schedule and assess time management outcomes.
BSBPMG532 - Manage project quality 
You will learn how to manage quality within projects. This involves determining quality requirements and implementing quality assurance processes. You will also learn how to review and evaluate a project to make quality improvements in current and future projects.
BSBPMG533 - Manage project cost
This unit will teach you to identify, analyse and refine project costs to produce a budget. You will use this budget as the principal mechanism to control project cost.
BSBPMG534 - Manage project human resources
This unit covers human resource management within projects. It involves planning for human resources, implementing staff training and development and managing the project team and stakeholders.
BSBPMG535 - Manage project information and communication
You will learn how to link people, ideas and information through all stages in the project life cycle. This will include project communications management, dissemination, storage and disposal of project information.
BSBPMG536 - Manage project risk
You will learn how to manage risk within a project, determine, monitor and control project risks and assess risk management outcomes.
BSBPMG540 - Manage project integration
This unit covers project management functions which include scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk and procurement. You will learn to align and track the project objectives to comply with organisational goals, strategies and objectives.
BSBPMG537 - Manage project procurement
In this unit you will learn about procurement and contract management within projects. This includes determining procurement requirements, establishing agreed procurement processes and conducting contracting and procurement activities. You will also learn how to manage the procurement finalisation processes.
BSBPMG538 - Manage project stakeholder engagement
This unit explores the skills and knowledge required to manage stakeholder relationships. You will learn how to identify and address stakeholder interests, manage effective stakeholder engagement, and manage stakeholder communications.
BSBPMG539 - Manage project governance
In this unit you will develop the skills and knowledge required to establish and implement project governance. It involves identifying, applying, monitoring and reviewing project governance. The context applies to individuals responsible for managing and leading projects in an organisation, or as a consultant.
BSBTWK502 - Manage team effectiveness
This unit develops the skills and knowledge required to lead teams in the workplace and to actively engage with the management of the organisation. It applies to individuals working at a managerial level who facilitate work teams and build a positive culture within their work teams. The unit considers setting team performance levels, team development and cohesion, teamwork, and stakeholder liaison.

Assessment occurs in a simulated work environment and consists of assignments, projects and presentations. Where students are employed, assessment can occur in the workplace. 

Delivery format
This course can be delivered in a variety of formats including face-to-face over an extended period, in an intensive mode, online, or a blend of face-to-face and online. 

Our trainers have the relevant technical knowledge, skills, and experience as well as the communication abilities to deliver the course content in an interesting way. Our trainers (and assessors) hold Australian accreditation and comply with Industry requirements for the qualification. 

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