Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership (BSB80320)

What is this qualification about?
This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply advanced knowledge and skills in a range of strategic leadership and management roles.

Individuals at this level make high level autonomous decisions and use initiative and judgement to plan and implement a range of leadership and management functions in varied contexts. They have full responsibility and accountability for personal outputs and for the work or function of others.

They use cognitive and creative skills to review, critically analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge, in order to generate ideas and provide solutions to complex problems. They use communication skills to demonstrate their understanding of theoretical concepts and to transfer knowledge and ideas to others.

What will you learn?
During the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership you will learn key business skills that are required in leadership positions and will enable you to be a more effective communicator, plan and make strategic business decisions, drive organisational behaviour and performance, solve complex problems, understand financial implications of transactions on shareholder value, and apply reasearch.

The learning experience
The course is organised so that you are provided with an intensive, action-oriented, interactive learning experience. Case studies and live business situations are used to demonstrate how the theory applies to practical work situations. As a result of this process, you will acquire a broad range of business knowledge, skills, and techniques. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to immediately operate effectively in office work situations. 

The qualification consists of the following units:
There are eight units to study to obtain the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership. These units provide the skills and knowledge needed to work at a senior management or senior executive levels in a range of for-profit, government, and not-for-profit organisational settings.
BSBLDR811 - Lead strategic transformation

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to analyse and lead organisational transformation and learning for strategic outcomes. It covers leading transformational practices, cultivating collaborative practices, completing ongoing professional development and providing strategic leadership in a dynamic context.

BSBSTR802 - Lead strategic planning processes for an organisation

You will learn to lead the development of high-level strategic plans that serve the vision and mission of an organisation by analysing the environment, identifying risks and opportunities, and establishing and monitoring financial and non-financial performance indicators. Leadership skills are applied in order to engage people with the organisation’s vision and goals and in developing and implementing the plan.

BSBFIN801 - Lead financial strategy development

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to lead the development of financial strategy for an organisation or work area. It covers the use and interpretation of financial information to support business decision making, analysis and enterprise planning.

BSBLDR813 - Lead and influence ethical practice

You will the skills and knowledge required to apply ethical leadership and take responsibility for influencing ethical practice. It addresses establishing ethical standards, applying ethical practice into the organisation’s culture and processes and promoting ethical leadership and decision making at all levels of the organisation.

BSBSTR801 - Lead innovation thinking and practice

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to generate, lead and sustain innovative organisational thinking and practice.  The unit applies to individuals who initiate and lead innovation in any industry or community context. Each organisation’s thinking and practice will be different depending on its core business, purpose, size, complexity and broader operating context.

BSBOPS601 - Develop and implement business plans

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to lead a business operation that covers the steps required to develop and implement business plans. The unit applies to individuals who are running an organisation or who take a senior role in determining the effective functioning and success of the organisation. These individuals may oversee the work of a number of teams and other managers.

BSBSTR803 - Establish business contunuity management strategies

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to establish, monitor and review the business continuity management framework and strategies for an organisation. The unit applies to individuals working in positions of authority who have the responsibility for embedding business continuity management into corporate or organisational levels of a business.

BSBPMG817 - Manage portfolio risk

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to manage the strategic risks within a portfolio. It covers the identification, analysis, monitoring and control of portfolio risks. A portfolio is the centralised management of one or more portfolios of projects, which includes identifying, prioritising, authorising, managing and controlling projects, programs and other related work, to achieve specific strategic business objectives.

Assessment occurs in a real or simulated work environment and consists of case studies, assignments, projects and presentations.

Delivery format
This course can be delivered in a variety of formats including face-to-face over an extended period, in an intensive mode, online, or a blend of face-to-face and online. 

Our trainers have the relevant technical knowledge, skills, and experience as well as the communication abilities to deliver the course content in an interesting way. Our trainers (and assessors) hold Australian accreditation and comply with Industry requirements for the qualification.

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